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Hello There Grimaniac :)!

November 2, 2009

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Food Chain in Danau Kerinci

November 2, 2009

In every ecosystem there must be Food Chain and some of them may have Food Web:


Plankton- Fish – Eagle – Decomposer


Insect –   Bird  –  Bunga Bangkai Titan Arum  ( Food Web: Bunga Titan Arum can just eat insect too)


Plants – Deer – Tiger – Decomposer


( Example of Food Chain and Food web click here )



The Ecosystem In Kerinci Lake

October 27, 2009

The ecosystem in Danau Kerinci are:


– Trees

-Bunga Bangkai Titan Arum

-Sumatran rhino

– Tigers

– Crocs

– Endangered birds

– Etc

Kerinci lake stuff


– Rock

– Lake

– Etc

Those are the Abiotic and Biotic that are in the lake, if there is no one of them, the lake will never exist because the Abiotic and Biotic help each other so the lake can live.

Information about Danau Kerinci

October 27, 2009

Danau Kerinci

Danau Kerinci sits at an impressive 783m above sea level and covers an area of 42 square kilometers. It makes for a good daytrip from the main park gateway town of Sungaipenuh, 15kms to the north, and is surrounded by mountain peaks on the western flank.

Kerinci Seblat National Park itself is a massive protected area that straddles the borders of four Sumatran provinces, including West and South Sumatra, Jambi and Bengkulu. Mount Kerinci (Gunung Kerinci) is the highest point at 3,805m.

Interesting event that held every year around october – november in this Lake is Festival Danau Kerinci, this cultural event is about the  arts, dances and traditions of Jambi people.